Your Earth, Your Responsibility

May 13, 2011
By Emmiegurl97 BRONZE, Frenchburg, Kentucky
Emmiegurl97 BRONZE, Frenchburg, Kentucky
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When I see the Earth I see a bunch of tall buildings, roads, and cars. If you look deeper you will see cars polluting the air, trash covering the earth, and new land fields being created. We treat Earth as if its one big garbage can for all are junk we just throw everything around where ever we'd like. Were the cause for global warming if we treated Earth as if it was are friend then we wouldn't have this problem, now would we? The giant hole in the atmosphere was created by humans, we may be small, but we can cause big problems. When you are in space looking down at the Earth you can mostly see blue because about 75%of the Earth is covered in water! Most of that 75% of water is not usable because it is salt water. The portion we do have of fresh water we waste or put harmful chemicals in. The Earth is everyone who lives on this wonderful planets responsibility, so do your part and protect it!

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