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May 13, 2011
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Wouldn’t it be nice to be like superman and save the world? I think it would be amazing unfortunately we can’t do that, we have to just help put in any way we can. I have a few ways that I think would help. I will share them with you.

One of the ways I think we could help the world is by installing solar powered lights in all buildings that would cut down on so much energy. This energy could be used for many other things. Having solar powered energy in all of our buildings would help the whole world.

Another thing that I feel would help is water powered energy. Back in the old days these were used all the time. In old movies or pictures these were seen all of the time, they are right off of the porch and work with the river or pond water to make energy. I think the main reason they got rid of these was because they were a hazard because they weren’t made properly and people got hurt, but if we were to make them and keep people away from them they would benefit people greatly.

I think really anything any one can do to save energy would benefit the whole world. If everyone in this world even if just for an hour didn’t turn on their lights I their house and unplugged all of the things they had that would save us so much energy. Any way possible that you can think of will help. I feel like this world is in great danger in a couple years if we do not do something about it soon. If you have an idea or are considering this, go for it, it is a great feeling to know you are helping out one way or another.

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