Global Warming

April 10, 2011
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Human beings have infested our precious world with lack of responsibility for nature. We can’t replace the wonders of Mother Nature and her wonders are still abundant. We are so close to ruining the only blue-green planet with life because of our personal needs. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss talks about the plight of the environment. The story shows how the environment has been swarmed with the disease of pollution. There are two main characters in the book: the Lorax; who represents nature and the selfish Oncler. The Oncler represents the industries and humans around the world who are causing global warming. These self- centred industries and people are causing pollution and nature is dying. For this reason the Lorax is that voice that speaks for nature.

Mother Nature is like a vulnerable rose. If you care for her she will bloom, but if you show her inattention she will wither. Right now, our actions are making Mother Nature fade away. According to the movie 11th hour by Leonardo Di Caprio, research has shown if we were to replace Mother Nature, we would need 35 trillion dollars. Unfortunately, the world economy has eighteen trillion dollars. Personally, I think no amount of money can substitute nature; even science can’t replace everything nature has done for us. To illustrate, let us use a tree. An oak tree to be precise has a style of living and there are advantages we get can get from it. It produces for humans in many ways like producing nuts for food, taking our carbon dioxide and renewing it. So it helps us breathe just like any other tree. We can’t replace that. Furthermore, animals are getting extinct and soon we would be saying ‘this was how a polar bear looked like. All because nature there source of life is dead. A lone polar bear out there as we speak, in the rapidly melting Antarctica looking for a safe haven but searching in vain because the ice is melting and the era of polar bears is coming to an end. Thus without nature, we won’t have air, without her we won’t have vegetation. We need her because she’s our only source of life in this vast space. For that reason, Mother Nature needs to be watered. She needs to vegetate back and do her part in the cycle of life because without her, life would be terribly unbalanced. Human greediness is what is causing her downfall.

Indeed humans are hungry for power but are not ready for the responsibility that comes with it. The lack of those responsibilities is what is affecting our world today, negatively. Out in a rainforest, acres of fertile land are about to be sold to a mischievous mayor as tender trees say their last prayers. The mentality that nature has no rights can be emphasised by saying that humans think of nature as property. Not only property that is owned by person can be used anyhow. Little by little but unwillingly humans have chose to wipe Mother Nature off the surface of the world. We greedy humans take things like wood, food and so on from nature and when we’re done with it, we waste it. For instance some industries take out of the ocean. They take living things like fishes (to make food) and in the end they waste most of the (dead) fishes and dump them in the ocean. But if we take out of nature, we should take something that we could use on and on and not waste. Wastage from humans is having huge effects on the climate.

Most people say humans are responsible for global warming. On the other hand, some people believe humans are not fully responsible for global warming. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there is a 90 percent certainty – that humans are responsible for increased global temperatures in recent years. For instance greenhouse gases – usually from vehicle, factory, or power-plant emissions – thicken the ozone layer and trap excess radiation from the sun in our atmosphere. Thereby heating the earth. The IPCC predicts that by 2100, average temperatures will rise 3.2 to 7.1 degrees Fahrenheit as a result. That’s a lot looking back at the earth’s climate before the increase in it. In my opinion, I think that although humans are responsible, most of the pollutions were not done deliberately. Possibly, they were only done because people were not aware of the effects. So, now that people are becoming aware and seeing that’s its real, lots of concerned people in different organisations are thinking of different of ways they can help erase the dilemma.

The best part about life is finding solutions but it takes endurance and perseverance to make solutions worthwhile. There are different ways we can help control this situation of global warming. People have come up with ways like: motivating others to help stop pollution; making people aware of global warming through different sources like the media; educating the future generation about global warming; reducing our carbon footprints; using more solar energy and so on. In additions to that, nature can inspire us e.g. people are having innovative ideas to save more energy like building offices the way a tree functions. Also schools are teaching students of all ages about recycling by using the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This has been a useful guideline to help people stop wasting. In conclusion, we should commit ourselves in helping our world because every little thing counts. Famous icons like Al Gore, Leonardo Di Caprio e.t.c. are making innovative movies to spread motivational messages. These messages have been used by lots of people and organisations to help raise awareness of the issue. The idea of these motivational messages is not for us to feel guilty, but for us to be conscious of what is happening around us and to show the little ways we can help our fragile world. But it is a question of choice and you can chose to make a difference it’s all up to you. So we shouldn’t try to ignore this problem. Instead while we have the time, we should unite with each other to do our parts in solving this problem. We can be the Lorax. We can be the ones showing the ignorant industries and the people, the effects of pollutions that we humans have inflicted on our innocent world. We are on the 11th hour and if we don’t join hands and do something now, then mankind as we know it will be no more. Make your own difference. It all starts now.

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