All Alone?

April 2, 2011
By swimmer14 SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
swimmer14 SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
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A small helpless puppy lies alone; she is hungry and scared, abandoned by the person that she loves most. She is found on the brink of death; after months of food and care she is able to be a normal puppy again. The police looked for the culprit; finally they find him. Even though the person who abandoned the little dog has been found, with the help of his lawyer he is able to go home the next day. He is unfazed by what he did to this defenseless creature and shows no remorse that he almost killed her. Do you want a person like that walking around, free? These people should be locked up so they can do no more harm to animals. This also keeps more people abusers of the streets as well and saves families from domestic abuse situations. And with these horrible people behind bars; it helps fight for animal rights.

When reading about serial killers in the news papers, it says that most of them started to violently kill and abuse animals before moving on to people. This is 100% true, studies of the most violent offenders in prison show that 75% of them have a history of animal abuse and abandonment. If these animal abusers are caught and put in prison right away for a lesser charge, they will learn their lessen and not resort to killing people. If these people are allowed to stay on the streets they will keep killing animals and then eventually start killing humans. If you want violent, psychopaths on the street; don’t take any action against this growing problem.

71% of women who have been abused and battered, have reported that their abuser has also abused or maimed animals. These people abusing women and animals also have been reported to have committed other crimes. They abuse animals in front of their children to control and coerce them. 25% to 40% of women are unable to leave abusive situations because they are afraid of what will happen to their pets. If an animal abuse situation is properly investigated and the abuser is put in prison then the family members and the animals are able to get out of the situation. When no action is taken against the abusers then it is less likely that domestic abuse situations will be uncovered; the families and the animals will get no help.

Animal rights are also a very big issue in today’s society; there are people protesting animal testing and the ways that food companies treat their animals. This is a step in the right direction towards animal rights, but this is only fighting big companies. When people abandoning and abusing animals are not punished big companies don’t take the laws seriously and ignore them. When the civilians abusing animals are punished the big corporations will realize that the government is serious about the laws on animal abuse and they will clean up their act in order to save their business.

If you want more animals to suffer then don't take any action against the animal abusers. But if you are appalled by the thought that thousands of animals are abandoned and tortured each month then talk to your state legislature and make sure that new laws with higher punishments are put into place. When these animals are saved it will not only help them and protect their rights, it will also help families that are in domestic abuse situations. These people need to be behind bars, but this can only be accomplished if you step up to the plate.

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Stop Animal Cruelty

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