Twenty Years From Now

March 25, 2011
By junie14 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
junie14 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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Twenty years from now, what will the earth look like? Will it still be the same, or in ruins? Will anything still be able to thrive in the mess we left? Why are we killing the beautiful planet we have been given to live on? People no longer seem to see the importance of it anymore. In ancient societies the people were one with the planet, some even worshiped it. They did their best to avoid harming their home. Today, people are causing problems as small is littering, to as large as a nuclear meltdown. Unfortunately, no one seems to realize, or even believe, that the earth is slowly dying.

According to the Clean Air Task Force, “In the state of Massachusetts alone, diesel emissions are responsible for the following annual statistics: 450 premature deaths, 700 non-fatal heart attacks, 9,900 asthma attacks, 13,000 respirator symptoms in children, and 60,000 work loss days.” Diesel is something used by people every day all across the country, its problems are overlooked by many. How could we overlook something like that? Something that causes many deaths and illnesses is something we should be trying to fix, why don’t people care anymore?

The earth is very important, more important than people want to believe, and that’s what is ruining it. People are taking the only place they have to live for granted, and it’s so simple to avoid all these problems that WE create! Step one is recycle! How difficult is it to simply throw your paper in the recycling bin instead of the garbage? That way maybe one day we will still have air to breathe. If you have seen The Ranting Gryphon’s video on global warming, he makes a very good point as to say that people should at least donate to helpful causes, because what good will money do you if there’s no air left? What do you have to lose? People need to seriously start thinking before they liter, or throw a recyclable object in the trash.

Earth is the one and only planet we have to live on, and if we keep treating it the way we do, we won’t have anywhere! People don’t see the seriousness of this matter, and blow it off. We need to reverse what we’re doing, and we need to do so now before it’s too late, and we lose the only place we can call home forever. Let’s be smart guys, be green, or twenty years from now green might not even exist.

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