March 12, 2011
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Ok here's a scene- A guy is walking down the hall and he says to this really “cute” girl, who just about takes his breath away, “Hey what's your name.” and God forbid he made eye contact and smiled. Then this “cute” girl's smile turns to a frown and she says “ooo what a creep”. Hmmm... sound familiar. It's a term that is becoming very common in today's culture. If you put this scene (which, yes, is a one sided scene and doesn't show every angle) into context, you then realize it would make total sense to assume hes a creeper. Not to rant or anything, but doesn't it seem logical that when today's youth comes home from school everyday to watch the days news highlights that showcase horrors of one man out of several thousand or even million that has committed sexual crimes, that they would think every guy/girl is a creep. To take matters further, look at how society has changed so much in the past 50 years. Music artist's write songs about how they used to play outside and how today's youth play on their xbox instead. Is our culture now days too paranoid? Well, maybe we should watch our back for “creeps”? Heck we should even look out for the boogy man and weapons of mass destruction (ok now I am ranting). My point is; Do we take this term and use it redundantly and end up destroying what confidence a young boy/girl might have.

The description that I used in the first paragraph may be very basic and speculative, but I guarantee if you are a youth from today's culture you know of a friend who has had their pride hurt from this hurtful label. What if that same guy who was labeled “creep” was some shy boy, with good intentions, whose courage has been worked up all week just to say hi? How sad would it be to find out he lost the confidence to ever say hi to a girl for the next 40 years. I think our culture needs to be very cautious about they way they use their language. This word is starting out much like the way “gay” has started out. It starts out with many toes getting stepped on and then in 2 years its now turned into a word to describe boring or stupid. I really encourage my fellow youth to use this word with caution. Don't say this to some poor kid who's purpose was to get you out on a date. In all honesty how many boys have you heard of that were legitimate stalkers (and no not the boy who has the same class as you every hour and you think hes stalking you because some faculty member decided you both had the same intellectual capacity.) that walk the same halls as you?

The matter of the fact is, this word “creeper” is highly overused and totally cliché by now. I think we all need to see reality and come to realize the worlds not full of creeps, but instead we are just a growing population which has the same concentration of creeps it had 1million years ago. We've always had stalkers, sex offenders, and weirdo's walking our streets but come on is it really that likely to be the kid who just posted a comment on your facebook, or the guy who keeps staring at you in the lunch room. Let's all grow up people!

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wesipred said...
Mar. 26, 2011 at 3:42 am
Does anybody agree with this?
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