Consequences of Fossil Fuels

March 11, 2011
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Living in the 21st century, technologies have been advancing by the months. Cell phone companies are introducing the new touch phones. The variety of cars ranges from sport cars to trucks. All these convenient tools make living life much easier. But some people do not realize the damage that the planet is facing. The uses of fossil fuels are harming the environment.

Fossils are plants or animals that have been under the Earth’s surface for millions of years. These fossils can be burnt for electricity used today (, 2010). When radiation from the sun is entered to the atmosphere, it turns to heat that will escape back into space eventually. The greenhouse effect is the concept that the heat is trapped on Earth; it explains why the temperature on Earth continues to rise (, 2010). When temperature rise lead to waters rising in oceans (, 2002).

When fossil fuels are being converted into energy, they release particles into the air that can be fatal to humans. World Resources Institute predicts that eight million people will die between the years of 2000-2020 because of the poison mixed in the air, due to burning of fuel (, 2010). Humans are not the only ones that are suffering, but plants are being infected as well. This particle gets into plants’ system and destroys their cell membrane, causing it to not thrive again (, 2002).

The burning of fossil fuels damages the Earth’s atmosphere. 90% of world’s electricity demands are from fossil fuels that are not reusable (, 2002). Taking little steps toward an eco life can help save the world sooner. Carpooling can help decrease the amount of fuel that is being used (, 2010). Change is needed to keep future generations alive.

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