2012 is Coming

March 1, 2011
Mayans, Egyptians, Q'ero shamans, prophets, and scientists have all predicted events to happen. Some call for bad times, some for better times, and some for the end of the world. They all point to one year, 2012. It's been on everyone's minds more and more recently with the year coming up soon and with a lot of hype from the movie "2012", a film that shows a destructive view of what could come in the future. Whatever may be true, there will be some kind of life changing event for planet Earth.
There are a wide range of theories about 2012. The Q'ero shaman's predicted that the world would go through a time of destruction and then come into a time of peace. They predicted the "rebirth" of the world and that "luminous ones", a new species of humans, would set the world right again. Another theory from the famous, but widely interpreted, prophet Nostradamus is that the world will end and all life will be lost in 2012. Looking at theories like these, it's not hard to dismiss the thought that something will happen in 2012. They seem so ridiculous without much, if any, scientific evidence. But you can't rule out the sheer number of theories when deciding if anything is to happen next year. How could so many civilizations and people from different times and different times and different parts of the world all predict something life changing in the same year? Whether their predictions were based on astronomy, religion, or the state of the planet, they all predicted the same time period.
Even though some of the theories seem to have no scientific evidence, there are others that are backed up by science and research. For example, the Super Volcano Theory has a lot of supporting evidence. This theory is that the Yellow Stone Super Volcano's magma that has been building up under the earth's crust will erupt and send the world into a devastating volcanic winter that will kill most life on Earth. It is estimated that the explosion from Yellowstone about 640,000 years ago would have caused 18,000 times the damage of Mount St. Helen. The existence of Super Volcanoes and their deadliness has been accepted by credible scientists and groups. The only thing that doubts this theory is the timing of the eruption. Another theory supported by science is the Galactic Super Wave Theory. This theory says that about every 13,000 years there is a high risk for galactic super waves, which are believed to be pulses sent out from the center of our universe. The year 2012 lines Earth up between the solstice of the sun and the center of the Milky Way galaxy, putting us at a high risk for a Galactic Super Wave. The Mayan calendar also ends when this alignment occurs which gives more credibility to the Mayan's calendar.
The advancement of the Mayans and the other civilizations that predicted events in 2012 adds to the truth behind their predictions. The Mayans were famous for their expertise in astronomy and their calendar is even more accurate than the one that we use today. The Ancient Egyptians also ended their calendar in 2012. The Ancient Egyptians were advanced in math and architecture, they built the advance pyramids and they were one of the first civilizations to create and alphabet. Their advancements and the fact that their calendar also ended in 2012 support the idea that something will happen next year.
With all of the theories of what will happen next year, from complex civilizations to scientific backgrounds, something big is bound to happen. And it will be on everyone's minds as time moves closer to 2012.

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angelicamcnall said...
Mar. 19, 2011 at 1:10 pm
I also don't believe that a human can predict the exact date and year of the end of the world.
TheKing This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 16, 2011 at 10:26 pm

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  OMFG I LOVE this myth!  Its so baseless and contrived that I just have to mock the dunces in this world that actually believe this load of bullsh*t.


1.  The existing Mayans today laugh at the idiots in the western world that think 2012 will be the end of days (I've talked to one personally, and yes their acestors still exsit).  They think we westerners, "like to fantasize a little to much."


2.  December 21st, ... (more »)

TheKing This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Mar. 16, 2011 at 11:07 pm

And really?  Galactic Superwave Theory?


Lets see... how many ways can I prove this wrong.


The alignment between the Earth, sun, and galactic center is bull, the alignment is actualy severel degrees above the galactic plane, puting it light-years off of the galactic center.


I have to say this again... but really?  Galactic super waves?


What exactly causes these... (more »)

angelicamcnall replied...
Mar. 19, 2011 at 1:01 pm
I don't believe 2012 will happen because nobody knows when the world will end and there is not enough scientific background to explain what will happen.
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