2011 Blizzard

February 22, 2011
By Dantone BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Dantone BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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All this snow, we heard a lot of snow was coming, but we weren’t ready for this much. Even though it is just snow it caused a lot of damage to many of us. It gave Chicago its third worst snow storm in its history “Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get” (Mark Twane). It came up from the South East water front and moved its way all the way up the states and over to Lake Michigan, then Chicago. It made many things shut down, so people couldn’t work, or get what they needed. It stranded, and killed people in their cars. It also froze up many things which did not help anything in any way.
The snow that hit Chicago and gave it their third worst snow storm that ever happened. It all happened from one storm that kept moving, growing and dropping so much snow everywhere. It came from the South, near the water, and moved all the way North on the East coast near the water. Then it traveled its way over to Chicago, it became an even stronger snow storm because of us having Lake Michigan. Since Chicago knew that the storm was coming they started doing things in advance like, shutting down schools, shutting down some busses and bus stops, and also bracing some companies for the incoming snow for example, like CTA. “every mile is two in winter” (George Herbert) Getting the plow ready was a big thing they had to start doing once they heard about it, like getting the salt ready and the trucks prepped for the storm.
The snow caused many things to happen; so many people were trapped because of the snow “Bad weather always looks worse through a window” (Tom Leather). The snow moved so quickly people were trapped on lake shore drive for hours, and that was the resting place for a few of them. Since many people were trapped in there was no way for working, which made a lot of people loose some money, which is never a good thing. There were even a few deaths, since so hands full of people were trapped on Lake Shore Drive. Because they were trapped for a good amount of hours, they weren’t able to get food, be warm enough, and use the washroom that they passed away. “Our road and helicopter operation have been suspended today because of bad weather” (Aslam Khan) The snow also caused many things just to be shut down, or just not able to work at all. Like for example, the airport, it wasn’t flying in or out planes, because there was no way of landing, or moving planes, so people were stuck in the airport until they were able to clean up.
So many people had major problems in their houses because of the snow storm. Many were freezing in there own house. The power either went out, or it was just cold in general in households. Since the power went off in a hand full of houses, people were forced to wear jackets and heavy clothing in their houses “winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail” (unknown) . Many slept with jacket, pants, and layers of blankets because of how cold it was. In the mornings or when people wanted to warm up the sat in there car with the heat on “winter must be cold for those with no warm memories” (An affair to Remember). The cold in general made everything worse for everyone; it hurt the people and made it not possible for the regular things to happen.
The blizzard was not something good that happened in Chicago, just like the past ones, it didn’t have a good turn out. It stranded many people, it killed a few, and left many resort to sleeping in full winter gear with many blankets n sheets. Companies and schools were shut down, since people weren’t able to go any where until the streets were plowed, their cars were shoveled out, and they were able to see outside. It’s another storm that Chicago is able to write in its book as one of the worst snow storms.

Chicago Sun Times
City services hampered by blizzard back Monday, as bitter cold expected to roll in

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Dozens of motorist rescued in Lake Co.

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Man Pulled from Lake http://www.chicagoweathercenter.com/servere/chicago-snow/chibrknews-dead-man-pulled-from-lake-michigan-during-height-of-blizzard-20110202,0,7905498.story





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