"Mean Dogs"

February 21, 2011
By tabby315 SILVER, Bushnell, Illinois
tabby315 SILVER, Bushnell, Illinois
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When you think of a "mean dog", what is the first breed to come to your mind? I'm going to take a wild guess and say either Pit bulls or Rottweilers. If not than good for you. People always say that you are more likely to get attacked by a pit bull or rottweiler than any other dog. I watch a lot of animal planet, so I learn a lot and I did learn something about this very topic. Want to know the truth? In America, there has been more attacks on people by Golden Retrievers than a Pit bull. But why does the Pit bull always make the news? It's probably because people have turned against these breeds even though they were poster dogs for World War 2. Or just because they are stronger. Another myth about pit bulls, their jaws don't actually lock, they just have good holding strength. They also say that what causes some dogs to be mean is that their brains swell in their skulls, which is also myth. Rottweilers are one of the most loyal dogs out there, in my opinion. I hope this might have shined some light on your previous ideas of the so called "Mean Dogs."

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I've owned a rottweiler before who couldn't hurt a fly. Someone stole him when he was two years old. I know a pit bull that is the most gentle dog I have ever met. Won't even get on the couch with you because he doesn't want to hurt anyone. I'm trying to change my mom's feelings on these breeds also. I watch animal planet all the time, basically the only thing I watch. I'm hoping to start my own rottweiler/pit bull rescue when I'm older.

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