Global Warming: A Serious Threat?

February 3, 2011
Is our environment really warming up too quickly? We are, for the most part, afraid of this so called global warming. But is it really that bad? Yes, the ice at the poles are starting to melt. Yes, we are burning a lot of fossil fuels. Yes, we are emitting a very high amount of CO2. But on the flip side, in just the month of January, many parts of the United States and Canada have received so much snow that we have already almost, if not already, hit the record amount of snowfall. Kids I know have all been saying that we will have snow to last us through the summer. And it sure seems that way.

Also, the Earth goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling. We could just be in on of those natural warming cycles. Of course we are making it happen a lot more quickly, but it is not fast enough for us to really consider in our lifetime. Obviously we want to think for our posterity, but it is possible that we don’t have to worry that much about it in this time of day. We are facing many other urgent problems in our society today that we could be worrying so much about instead of something that might very well be natural.

I am not saying that we should not worry and should not care. I’m merely saying that we might not have to be so scared and worried about this right now. In the mean time, we could be giving our efforts to helping third world countries or to those less fortunate than us. There are many other places we could be spending our time and energy. But I am not saying that we should ignore this problem. We should still recycle and be conscious of what we are doing to harm the Earth.
But this is just one 13-year-old girl’s view on global warming. I’m only one in thousands, possibly even one in millions. And I am definitely one in thousands at my school district that is taking time to think about this. But in reality it is an important issue and we should really be more aware of it.

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