January 21, 2011
By Anonymous

It was late Christmas night, and my extended family was at my house, enjoying a cup of coffee after a delightful dinner and evening. We flicked on the TV, not expecting anything different. I had heard there was going to be snow showers, but nothing majors. The weather channel was on, and there was bright red flashing across the screen with a blizzard storm warning. All our attention immediately switched to the television as the meteorologist said snowfall in the Jersey area would be over two feet. Immediately, my extended family left, trying to get home and beat the storm, most lived in New York or Connecticut and had a long drive. Thankfully, the storm didn’t hit until the next morning, where heavy snow and winds smashed against the North East. It was a whiteout, and I couldn’t see the houses across the street from me. The power went on and off for the whole day, and several trees across town went down. The snow was so deep in some areas I couldn’t walk through it. I couldn’t tell where my buses were, or where the benches in my backyard had gone. Everything was a bumpy field of white, beautiful at first, but not so much later when the shoveling began. All over people were digging out, with snow blowers and shovels. The radio said it was the worst blizzard in the area in the last 100 years, and I believed it. The roads were horrible, and travel was slow and extremely stressful. The normal trip to the grocery store that would normally take 20 minutes, took an hour. It wasn’t just the day after that travel was bad; it took an entire week for travel to return to normal. In fact, the day after the roads weren’t even plowed. When the plows finally went through my area, the roads were still extremely wet and slippery and getting anywhere fast wasn’t an option. Sledding also wasn’t possible; the snow was so deep that people attempting to sled sunk into the snow, and only after significant melting sledding became possible. The snow has continued falling in the Northeast, and it has been an especially cold winter. This is strange since last summer was one of the hottest summers on record. Hopefully it will warm up soon!

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