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January 3, 2011
By thewisegoat BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
thewisegoat BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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We've lost their wings
So we sprout plastic ones.
Grow radar goggles to see
What we want
Through the film
On our airplane windows.

Try to ignore nature
Knocking. Facing
Our own destruction
Hurts too much. Yet haze
Threatens us. It'll engulf
Our precious cities.
It's already started.

We shut the shade
To sweep over the gash.
We want to ignore
Nature screaming, curled
Up in a corner.

But it bangs
On the glass. Claws
Us to wake our dormant
Brains, to open
Them to scarred fields
Below. It begs us to hear over
The propellers, to not
Let them shred
Mother into withered husks.

It tells the bubble people
They've broken one wing.
It pleads with our closed eyelids
To protect the other.

But we crumple its pleas
In a paper fist
To toss behind
And litter
Our footsteps.

The author's comments:
This piece is surrealism.

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