Animal Abuse

December 6, 2010
Humans are able to protect themselves from abuse, but animals are not able too protect them. If we don’t help animals, who will? Animal Abuse is suffering or harm upon animals, other humans, for purposes other than self- defense. It can also be harm when people kill the animal for food or fur.

Animal abuse is a nationwide problem that is rapidly growing today. Animals are being beaten and starved everyday, and millions of helpless animals die each year because of heartless owners. Some animals are used for research. One of the problems with animal testing is that the animal will suffer in a traumatizing experience. Some might have burns, hair loss, rashes, and maybe even gashes. I think that animal testing is a horrible thing. Many people use the excuse that its or science. All they are doing is abusing that poor innocent animal.

There are plenty websites you can go to help prevent animal cruelty. If you seen signs of animal abuse, please contact someone soon. This is a serious thing, and many people don’t realize it. There are also two types of animal abuse. Passive Cruelty consist if neglect. Although no physical abuse is involved, animal neglect can be painful and possibly fatal to a pet. Lack of attention can lead to starvation, dehydration due to lack of water, poor shelter in harsh weather conditions, and lack if medical attention when needed can lead to death. Another type of animal abuse is Active Cruelty. Active Cruelty consists of abusive actions towards an animal. This type if cruelty is more disturbing. I think people who abuse animals have a psychological problem, because no body with a right mind would abuse an animal.

Animals are not able to project themselves like us humans. I think people need to take animal cruelty more serious, and try to prevent it. Animals do not deserve to go through the pain certain people put them through. Animals have feelings just like we do.

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