Animals do not Have a Voice

November 17, 2010
By dml6609 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
dml6609 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Animals are a loving part of the community. Although most pets are loved and cared for, some pets are not so fortunate. Animals everyday are abused and neglected. Even some wild animals are not treated right. Some exotic animals are mistreated and pulled into living in close quarters. They are pushed into tiny places that they are not used to living in. These animals need help. Only humans can save them because animals do not have a voice of their own.
I hate when I hear about animal abuse and what happens to the poor little guys. They get beaten and killed on a daily basis. Abuse can happen anywhere at any time. Some common forms of abuse happen mainly for entertainment purposes. Animal fights, circuses, and movies happen all the time. Some people abuse animals for no specific reason. They just think that an animal is another object placed on the Earth. Who cares if animals are abused? Everyone should care.
Animals are always forced into animal fights. Pit bulls and chickens die each fight. Only one animal can win in each battle. Usually these deaths are bloody and extremely violent. Another type of animal fights that happen all the time is bullfights. Bulls are pushed into arenas to be ridden. They are beaten and made angry so that they can perform well for the audience. Many money seekers tend to forget that animals have lives, too. Animals have feelings, but they cannot speak how they feel. They can express their feelings, but they cannot literally say what they want.
Everyday animals all around the world are mistreated by this animal abuse. According to a story written by Maria Daines, a dog named Mercy was tragically killed. She was drenched in gasoline and set on fire. The poor pit-bull puppy was only ten months old. Some cases worse than this happen all the time. Only humans can put a stop to animal cruelty. After all, humans are the ones killing and abusing them. Animal abuse is so known that there are television shows about it. Now it is our chance to save the animals.
There are numerous places that help save these unfortunate animals. Donations are frequently accepted by organizations. Just this little bit of help can make a huge difference. Animals all over the world can be cured and protected. The oil-covered victims will be cleaned. The abused elephants and other circus animals will hopefully get a break and stay in their natural habitat. No animals should be used for human testing. All of these animals should not be treated this way. Only the caring humans can save them.

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