Earth preservation

September 3, 2010
By ElsaBw BRONZE, Bordeaux, Other
ElsaBw BRONZE, Bordeaux, Other
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We are wrecking our environment. We are polluting it each time when we're using our cars, when waisting too much water and chemical products for showers and doing crockeries (shampoos, detergents, etc...). We are also destroying it by cutting down the rainforest and our trees. The ozone hole widens considerably due to the global warming.
We should, at least, recycle our trash, this is the starting point of the environmental protection. We should stop devastate the rainforest and plant trees to keep a healthy air and to put the pollution away of our atmosphere. We should also use hybrids cars instead of classic ones and reduce our water consumption. Just few people do it and take care of the environment but this still not enough. We should make laws about environmental protection and pollution. If those laws are made (recycle, not cutting down trees..) the environment will be healthier.

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on Sep. 19 2010 at 7:00 pm
Thesilentraven PLATINUM, Mableton, Georgia
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Very true and practical. I thank you for writing it.

on Sep. 14 2010 at 1:40 pm
It's an intresting article, it shows some teens want to preserve earth and that's great!


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