Animal Testing

September 3, 2010
By Diana Ramirez BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Diana Ramirez BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Have you ever wondered what your products have been tested on?
Well they were obviously tested on someone or something… most of your products are tested on animals. Think about it, millions of animals die each year due to these test and it is not worth to lose a life for products that might not even work or that other people might not even buy. Every year millions of animals die from tests made on them to help make our life easier, they suffer from pain, we may not know what type of pain because they cannot speak to tell you how much pain they are in.

(According to animal testing is done by the cosmetic industry, but it isn’t fair for animals to be treated cruelly for the sake of a few cosmetics, and many of these cosmetics really affect the animals. For example, when mascara is used it can cause blindness to the animals during the process of testing.

Animal skin is also very different from ours so the tests don’t really guarantee that they will work on our skin due to the fact that their skin is very different from ours.
The tests sometimes cause permanent damage to animals, this really affects their life, because they start to loose many of their qualities, they are poisoned, blinded, and killed in those tests.

Many of us do not know what companies test on animals but this following companies do;(according to Clariol, L'Oréal, Cover Girl, Dawn, Maybelline, Kleenex, Ralph Lauren Fragrances and Dove, but these are only a few of the companies that test on animals. Many of us did not even know that these companies tested on animals.

Companies are not forced to test on animals, that is why not all of them do but (according to Global Action Network) those companies that test on animals should be boycotted until they change to a non-animal-testing policy.

Everyone might think that the test on these animals are for our own safety, but these test are not always effective, and we cannot get our own conclusions of a product by testing it on a rabbit, or have you ever thought that the same product that made an animal blind could have been sold to you? Animal tests are also very expensive so this makes it both unkind and inefficient.

There are also many known companies that do not test on animals;(according to Mary Kay, Urban Decay, Bath & Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret But these are also few of the companies that do not test on animals.

What can we all do to stop this from getting worse? Well we can all stop using products from companies that test on animals because now there are non-animal test methods that include human cell cultures and tissue studies (in vitro tests) and artificial human “skin” and “eyes” that mimic the body’s natural properties, and a number of computer virtual organs that serve as accurate models of human body parts. (According to Global Action Network.)

Animal testing is the wrong thing to do and it is also wrong for us to buy products from companies that test on animals. We cannot tell what kind of pain these animals suffer so we should not let them suffer any pain, most of these animals should be kept as pets or in their natural habitat. Next time you want to buy something you should really ask yourself “Is this product worth an animal’s pain?” or just buy products that say “Not animal tested.”

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this so everyone would understand the meaning of animal testing and how it works.

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