August 18, 2010
By Anonymous

I am a vegetarian. Most people think I am crazy just because they hear I am a vegetarian. But after they hear my reasons they do not think I am crazy, rather, they think I am insane. A lot of people will start making fun of me and call me names and try to hurt me or even change me. I tell them, do not try to change me when I do not try and change you. So my first reason for going vegetarian is because of the animals. I hate seeing the undercover investigation videos of the animals getting beaten to death and seeing the cruel ways they torture the animals. The living conditions are awful and if humans were living like that well, we would never be allowed to live in those conditions... So i ask why do we let the animals live that way if we don't and can't. It does not make any sense. OK so now my second reason for going vegetarian is for the environment. It takes up so much water and energy to keep these animals and use them for food.If you stopped raising these animals for food and we all went vegetarian we would save so much energy and water all together. Now I'm not even saying that we should ALL go vegetarian, but just even not raising as many animals for food would help. Because I see the rest of my family eating meat and they never finish all of it... so they throw it out. It is such a waste. If we didn't take and raise anymore than we could eat we would be saving a lot and be helping the environment so much. It is crazy how much water and energy are wasted everytime we throw out a piece of meat. So next time you eat a piece of meat or try to throw out a piece of meat... think to yourself, am i going to waste this animal and keep contributing to the killing of our planet and our animals... or am I going to save this animal for tomorrow and eat it all so i can help save our environment. Now some people will call me crazy, but I do not care! I am fighting for something I believe in. I will keep fighting until some changes are made. As I know many others will too. So keep fighting for what you believe in and do what is right. I hope you have learned something from this. And please next time you hear that someone is a vegetarian, learn their reasons and do not make fun of their beliefs. Thank you for reading this and keep fighting.

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