Less Oil Pollution, That's The World's Solution

July 24, 2010
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In every culture there are beliefs and theories of end of the world.If you observe your environment you will see that nearly everything is made up of oil. Fossil fuels, or hydrocarbons, are one of our most valuable natural resources. The formation of hydrocarbons is a process that takes many millions of years and occurs hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth. If you observe the news you will see that there are people dying because of oil. If you observe economy you will see that as the oil prices decrease the price of almost everything reduces on market. I believe we can generalize our lives depend on oil right now and if South Arabia or us declares that they don't have any more oil left then the end of the world will come since every body will start to fight for remaining oil(it even started). Oil is going to finish some day so we have to be prepared. There is a scientific conclusion made by most respected geologists, physicists, bankers in the world.This group is terrified by a phenomenon known as global "Peak Oil." “Are We 'Running Out'? I Thought there Was 40 Years of oil Left."Is a common thought of people I believe. Because governments wants people to know like that

According to survey which was done in my class, my classmates think that global warming is the biggest problem. But I think that global warming can be reversed even though oil usage, unfortunately, can not be decreased or reversed. Think about how many things are made up of oil. The plastic bottles, nail polishes, lipsticks and many more. Cars are the machines which consume oil the most. They run on oil and they have many plastic parts made up of oil like tires head lights... On the graph A you can see the estimated world oil production from 1900 to 2080, we are consuming oil a lot. Countries don't tell about how much oil they have left, especially Saudi Arabia, which has the most oil. World is in fight for oil so that they can serve oil for less price to their citizens. Because there is a rule in economy, the rarer an item on the market is, the more expensive it is... Oil is a substance that everyone wants, but since it is becoming rarer to find, the prices are increasing significantly.

The thing which people care about the most is money, unfortunately.So its better if they raise the cost of a gallons of fuel to $4 then people wouldn't consume oil that much. But still people will still use it. Oil will run out sooner so that people can adapt to using renewable energy as a replacement. Changing people’s habit towards renewable energy can’t be done in 10 seconds, it needs years and years so that people will adapt. The process would be much easier if governments support using renewable energy by reducing the taxes of electric cars. What if we need more time to switch to renewable energy? Hydrogen is the most gas like substance to run the cars . Also it is inside water meaning that dream of running the car on water may become true, though hydrogen is not a replacement for plastic it will make a huge difference on oil consumption.

Oil and economy are very related. According to the graph(A) we are in the time of producing oil the most and about face the downside of the peak oil curve. The world energy markets will be more than uncomfortable since most energy is created by oil. Almost all of the economy is supplied by oil and when oil prices are reduced, everything’s price gets reduced since almost everything is made up of oil. Graph (B) is oil pricing and usages graph. When prices get high people start to use less oil, which makes the prices go down again since the will of oil decreases. Then, when people realize that the price is low they start to use the oil a lot and the price gets high again. (curve always repeats itself). The prices should always stay high so that people will start to turn to renewable energy.Even car manufacturers want to get the oil prices higher so they invest money on building fuel-efficient cars so that people change their car and buy a new, fuel-efficient car.



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I think it is impossible to solve the peak oil problem unless we find something to replace oil, which can be manufactured by us. But we can decrease oil usage a lot by using renewable energy. There are many sources which don’t run out, like the sun or wind. It is free to use it and we have the technology of turning it into energy. So why buy oil and spend money in every tank of gas when you could use electric cars and buying one windmill or solar panels and charge your car for free? Its a fact that solar panels and windmills are very expensive but as I said, the less demand there is for a product, the higher the prices are since the seller needs to earn a lot from one sell.

So if you are a student like me and you haven't chosen what to study in college yet after reading my article, I hope your thoughts have changed. Because after I thought about this topic I decided that energy is going to be one of the most important topics in the world. Finding renewable energy to replace oil must happen. Energy engineering's future is bright!

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