The BP Oil Spill

June 22, 2010
By shan1196 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
shan1196 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Have you heard about the oil spill in the Gulf? Of course you have! Everyone probably has, unless you live under a rock. Now, heres another question, do you care? Do you see the news reports and think to yourself, “Oh I am just going to let the adults take care of it?” Hmm? Well, if you are one of those teenagers, who’s lives only revolve around being popular, clothes, the latest electronic devices, then I am sorry. This might be a news flash to you.

I want to you to think, think about your life right now, If we don’t try to stop and clean up the mess that BP created, your life is going to change dramatically! It doesn’t matter if you don’t live on the Gulf, this disaster will affect everyone! The Oil Spill is not only an environmental crisis, it is also a economic crisis! The oil is killing all of the fish, meaning bad news for fishermen! All the oil that is washing up on beaches, is hurting businesses that rely a lot on tourists, because who wants to go to some disgusting beach?

This is going to mean more people are going to lose their jobs and more people in debt. Just what this country needs! The impact of this catastrophe, is rumored to take up to 50 years or more to correct it’s self! Animals are dying because they are being poisoned, in their own homes! Ecosystems are being damaged, some beyond repair!

Here is one word for you, hurricanes. Your probably wondering why hurricanes have anything to do with the oil spill, well they are just as much as a threat. Now I am not randomly changing topics in the middle of this article, think whats going to happen during hurricane season? With all the oil in the water. We risk contaminating drinking water, fertile land will be destroyed, and even more damage will happen to the environment and economy!

We need to stand up, to save our homes! Because, if we don’t start taking care of it now then we will have nothing to take of when we are in charge. Everyone is so worried about 2012, why don’t we worry about 2010 first. We have a major crisis on our hands, instead of pointing fingers at people saying its their fault, lets just fix it!

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Well, the oil spill in a major concern right now and I want everyone to know that we can help to fix it!

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