Protecting sharks

June 6, 2010
Did you know that there are four hundred species of shark and that four to six new species of shark are discovered yearly? Well the number of new species being discovered is declining. One hundred million sharks are killed yearly for their fins and meat for specialties in China and Japan like Shark Fin Soup. Species of Shark like the Whale Shark is starting to disappear from the face of the earth because of over fishing for their meat. If this doesn't stop the Whale Shark will probably be gone in ten years or less.

Sharks don't reproduce very fast and they don't grow to full length very fast either. So species like the Great White the "Man Killer" a name given to them by the media will probably disappear along with the Whale Shark and many other species.

The media has given a very grim look on sharks. They have been titled "Man Killers". People say they don't deserve to live let people kill them. When I hear people say just kill all the sharks, I can't help but think to want to say to them. "Why don't we just kill every human on earth how would you feel about that." In reality though if every shark disappeared a very empty hole would be put in the ocean's food chain. It would completely mess it up. Us a humans think we are at the top of the food chain no matter where we are including the oceans the sharks have no right to attack us we are ahead of them. That is not true at all we are entering their world, they are in charge.

Shark attacks. What are some reasons sharks attack humans? Do we look like their favorite food are they just curious about us and want to taste? Well surf boarders are usually the number one subject to be attacked by a shark because from below the shape actually looks like a seal. Sharks are attracted to bright colors a lot of surfers and swimmers wear bright colors in the water.

On average only five people are killed by sharks each year and only three of the four hundred species of sharks have been known to be deadly to humans the Great White, Bull Shark, and the Tiger Shark. Those three sharks I am guessing you think are extreme man killers you could say the Great White the star shark in the movie "Jaws". Are you one of those people who think if you step in the ocean you are going to be attacked to the shark, or sharks are only there to kill humans? Did you know though that more people are killed by coconuts, dogs, and jellyfish than by sharks.

Sharks need to stay alive or the food chain will be really messed up. We need to do all we can to help them, to help them survive. Maybe even if you aren't very fond of sharks but do you really think it is right for millions of sharks just to be killed for their fins? Ask yourself that and try to tell yourself that this is right their is no fault in it.

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