Limit the Garbage for Me

May 21, 2010
By meganelizabeth9 BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
meganelizabeth9 BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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I am from the year 3010 and I have seen what you people have done
I am the nephew and the cousin of your great- grand son.
So how do you feel that I tell you I’m suffering?
I am one of your relatives and I am not bluffing.

You don’t care about it now, because it is not your problem and you lack
But give it a few years and it will be your children’s children’s setback.
In the year 3010 the garbage is piled up to the moon,
And our universe is going to be filled with rubbish very soon.

Is recycling such a pain?
The truth of how lazy you people are is driving me insane.
When you go grocery shopping, make use of the recycled bags and re-use them
Instead of those plastic bags that aren’t biodegradable, didn’t you learn that in Chem.?

Love the Earth you live on top of
Do it for those cute little doves.
It gives you so much, like natural resources
But at this point in time you guys aren’t choosing the right courses

Not only are you damaging the world for the future generation
You’re ruining the entire animal nation
Soon they will run out of places to subsist
Everything with end up a dirty mess, and seize to exist

Start a compost pile
Let’s not all live in denial
It’s really easy, just put your left over food you don’t eat in
Being environmentally friendly is not a sin

Burning our trash in the landfills does not make it go away
It just lets fumes and gases go into the air to stay
Now that leads to global warming, a whole new problem
That would just simply be dumb

I don’t know what I said, or any of the other future kids
Please save us now, and we’ll shut our lids.
The Earth is our mother, she holds the key.
So please, just pretty please won’t you limit the garbage for me?

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