Global Warming

May 11, 2010
Global warming is a threat and it is affecting our way of life because it is disturbing our ecosystem, greenhouse effects, and climate.
Our ecosystem is decreasing, greenhouse effects are part of global warming and our climate is endangered.
Coral reefs are headed for extinction.
One of the main reasons for global warming affecting us is that our ecosystem is being destroyed.
"Numerous studies predict that coral reefs are headed for extinction worldwide, largely because of global warming, pollution, and coastal development, but also because of damage from bottom dragging fishing boats and the international trade in jewelry and souvenirs made of coral." (Skoloff, A2)
This research is saying that the corals are dying because of human behavior.
Animals in corals could disappear.
“If reefs were to disappear, commonly consumed species of grouper and snappers could become just memories. Oysters, clams, and other creatures that are vital to many people’s diets would also suffer.” (Skoloff, A2)
The research is saying that if people’s source of food from corals, then the population would go down.
Coral reefs draw scuba divers and snorkelers.
“Coral reefs draw scuba divers, snorkelers and other tourists to seaside resorts in Florida, Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean, and help maintain some of the world’s finest sandy beaches by absorbing energy from waves.” (Skoloff, A2)
This research is showing that if the coral reefs disappear then people from all around the world would not be able to see the beauty of them.

Burn less petroleum and coal.
“The bottom line is this: Burning less petroleum and coal that produces greenhouse gasses makes sense regardless of climate change fears. Heat-trapping A smart and determined transition to cleaner energy will be good for national security, public health, and - if done carefully - Wisconsin's economy." (Wisconsin, B1)
This research is showing that if we focus on reducing carbon emission then the air supply will become better. In addition to, if America and China make more fossil-fuel pollutions, then we will have more on out part to help the Earth out.
Flexibility for greener technology
A better approach is to build flexibility into any new regulation while encouraging green technology that plays to Wisconsin's strengths. Our state has tremendous agricultural and wood resources, for example, that can be harnessed for bio-fuels. Madison also is home to a major research university. Wisconsin is finally making it easier for wind turbines of varying sizes to go up on farm fields, and there's huge potential for wind turbines over Lake Michigan.” (Wisconsin, B1)
This research is saying that if there is more flexibility with our technology that over Lake Michigan, there will be wind turbines. With the wind turbines, that will guarantee that it will use less energy and give more homes electricity without using any of the pollutions that are used today.
Climate is decreasing because of global warming.
“Climate change is abstract, it’s distant, - and its Bangladesh in 50 years. The media play a critical role to remind us, so if it’s not in the media; it’s not in our attention.” (Haq, 1)
This statement is not accurate because just because it is not in the media does not mean that is not our responsibility to help the Earth out!
Scientists have shown that the ecosystem has gone down tremendously; here is an example of how it has gone down. “Numerous studies predict that coral reefs are headed for extinction worldwide, largely because of global warming, pollution and coastal development.”Therefore, global warming is a problem for us and it is our attention because it is becoming a threat to our ecosystem, environmental protection, and climate. Finally, global warming is a threat to our society because it affects the ecosystem, greenhouse effects, and climate.
“I know that you don't wanna hear it, especially coming from someone so young. But in the back seat they wanna hear it (They want to hear it). So come on (Turn it up). Come on (Turn it up). So come on (Turn it up).Wake up America (Wake up). We're all in this together. It's our home so let's take care of it (It's our home). You know that you want to; you know that you got to. Wake up America. Tomorrow becomes a new day. And everything you do matters. Yeah everything you do matters, in some way.” The end of this song is basically saying that we need to help out the Earth, no matter what people say. If they do not believe us, fine; let them not believe us but if they do believe us, tell those people to do something about the pollution and what is going on with our society now.

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Aug. 17, 2011 at 8:34 pm
i have no idea why I wrote this, I think this was freshmen year. but if you could please comment about this, that would be awesome! thx. :)
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