Leaves of Early Fall

November 3, 2007
I eagerly ascend the steepening trail,
I stumble and I fall.
Upon the earth and plants,
the leaves of early Fall.
Slowly I stand up,
and behold;
the vast quilt of autumn leaves,
shimmering like gold.
The scent of sapping pine,
of crisp harvest air,
of slightly molding leaves;
to which nothing can compare.
The sun beats upon my neck,
the breeze into my face.
Together they make a miracle,
in this distant place.
As I gaze around I hear the wind
weaving through the trees.
Whistling, and howling,
ruffling the leaves.
I can feel
the change in the air.
You don't seem to notice.
You don't appear to care.
Of how overwhelming it is;
when in the early spring,
after a harsh frigid winter,
the change it seems to bring.
You pass it by.
Like blinders on a horse;
oblivious to the beauty
of natures moving force.
You regard it as simple.
Yet can you comprehend
the splendor, the thrilling awe
that never seems to end?

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