Air Pollution

April 17, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s common fact that we depend on air everyday to survive. With our overall health dependent on the quality of the air around us, it’s essential that we take steps to reduce air pollution and ensure our environment has clean air. We’ve seen the smog in the air, the dark smoke that tower over factories and the smoke particles in the air after a natural disaster, such as a fire. Though what about the particles in the air that we can’t see? Do we simply assume the air quality in our area is good if there isn’t smog or visible particles in the air? The truth is that the effects of air pollution can be unseen---because we may not be able to see particles or chemicals in the air. However, because air pollution still exists, fueled largely by the cars and planes that emit carbon dioxide, and by the factories that burn fossil fuels, we ought to step up to protect our environment. We can do better to help preserve the air quality of our environment and contribute to the overall health of ourselves.

Because humans play a major role in the pollutants in the air, it is our responsibility to help prevent further air pollution. There are many different ways that we can help our environment, such as driving less and opting to carpool, walking, or taking public transportation. We can use recycled products and recycle ourselves, and conserve the amount of electricity and energy we use. On a larger scale, advocating and urging companies to burn less fossil fuel for energy, instead using natural and renewable sources such as the sun and wind for energy, will greatly reduce the pollutants in the air. We can all take steps to help improve the state of our environment, because the air around us is something that we cannot afford to pollute.

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