Water Pollution

April 17, 2010
By Anonymous

We use water everyday, so it’s only natural that we ensure the quality and safety of our water. However, with increasing pollutants and contaminants being added to our sources of water, we need to increase our actions to prevent water pollution. After all, there are several impacts that water pollution has on the environment and on us. First is the impact pollution has on the marine organisms and their ecosystems. Toxins in the water affect the health of many organisms, and in turn the organisms that eat the infected organisms are also infected. This can affect the entire ecosystem, in which many different aquatic animals are now affected by the toxins, which can affect their reproductive abilities and their ability to survive. Further, pollutants and contaminants block of many aquatic plants form receiving sufficient sunlight so that there is less aquatic plants available in the environment. Finally, humans too are vulnerable to the harmful effects of water pollution. Water contaminants and infectious diseases reside in some sources of polluted water, such as typhoid. As a result, humans drinking these sources of water face health problems such as damaged kidneys and heart.

Though the effects of water pollution are devastating, there is much that we can do to prevent and reduce the impact of contaminants in the environment. One of the major causes of water pollution is that industrial companies dump their wastes into the water, so we can take steps to prevent this by writing to these companies or urging the government to impose and enforce stricter regulations regarding the wastes dumped by these companies. Further though, we can make a difference by our everyday actions. For example, we can properly dispose of any toxic materials such as paint, oil, and household cleaning products. Using household products that are environmentally friendly and using natural fertilizers as opposed to the commercial fertilizer also helps prevent water pollution caused by humans. There are many steps that we can take to prevent the effects of water pollution, so why not increase our efforts and increase the awareness of water pollution?

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