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April 1, 2010
By Naiquan Adams BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
Naiquan Adams BRONZE, Jersey City, New Jersey
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Having eight periods a day can be very stressful on a student, especially a student who is trying to accomplish excellent grades during the semester. Our High School years are important to us because these are the years that can possibly get us a scholarship to a College or University.

The first reason I support a four period day is that it’s easier to study for four classes than eight classes. I support this reason because there is a lot work students have to do for eight classes. Some students struggle with difficult subjects such as, math and English and if we were required to complete less classes during the semester it would be easier for us to concentrate on these subjects. Four classes can be hard to manage, there is no need to add four more.

My second reason is that the teachers would have a better opportunity to get to know each student. Some teachers do not have enough time during the class period to build a teacher-student relationship. Not only do we need a teacher but we need someone who knows and understands our capabilities. If teachers have a lot of students, it would be impossible for that to happen. This is very important during our experience.

Lastly, with four classes per day teachers will have more time to teach. This allows more time for questions to be answered about the lesson taught that day. Sometimes students do not have enough time to ask questions because the class periods are too short. As a result, students get lost while the lesson continues.

In conclusion I believe that we should have four periods a day instead of eight. It would allow more study time, teachers would have more time with each student and teachers would have enough to teach each lession.

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