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March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

We live on a fragile Earth. Every move we make can change the way we live. Right now, we are facing an economical problem called global warming. Global warming is when the earth’s temperatures rise. We will have colder winters and hotter summers. We can help this by the following:
Conserve water.
Turn off anything you are not using. Lights, TV`s, etc.
Unplug phone chargers or any charger when they are n0t being used.
Ride a bike or walk.
Invest in a hybrid car.
Don’t litter.
These are simple and easy ways to save the global warming problem.

Another problem I see is the amount of trash that is on the ground. Is it really that hard to wait until you get to the nearest gas station to throw it away or just to keep it your car until you arrive to where you’re going? Even if you don’t recycle as much as you should, it will help if you do not litter.

There are so many endangered animals in this world today. One of them is endangered because of global warming; the polar bear. Animals are becoming endangered or already extinct because of hunting, habitat destruction, ice melting, and other ways. Not all our fault. But do we really need to cut down so many trees for our own personal use? It is hurting animals. Just think about it: how would you feel if someone came to your house and knocked down your house and you had nowhere else to go?

This is our home; we choose how to take care of it. This is your children’s home today and the children of our kids now. Do you want them to live in a burning place or a cold place or to see the world covered in trash or even not give them the chance to experience polar bears or any other endangered animal? Think about it and act on it. Help protect our home.

The author's comments:
I care about the earth a lot.

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