Drastic and Necessary

March 24, 2010
By Anonymous

The nations of the world, whether they realize it or not, are rapidly approaching the edge of a steep cliff. To avoid the impending disaster, an abrupt change in direction is absolutely necessary. Countless years of reckless disregard for Mother Earth have trapped us in this situation, and now, only the most frightening of measures will allow us to escape from the impending fall. Those who realize that a problem is at hand have advocated a plethora of suggestions, such as improving energy consumption, controlling pollution, and recycling; however, it is an inconvenient but certain truth that these measure will not suffice. Humanity is within inches of its final demise. Our irrational fear of change blinds us to the true measures that are essential in halting this absurd stampede of lemmings.
Thankfully, a true solution is not difficult to create. The only problem arises from implementing such a radical measure. Our current crisis, at its core, is a fundamental result of overpopulation. Humanity is currently placing a strain on Mother Earth that, if allowed to remain, will rip the planet apart. We are consuming far more than what our planet can reasonably provide, and thus, we must take action now to live within our means. Population growth needs to be targeted first, with action taken to limit births through laws. In order to ensure a future of capable and ambitious persons, genetic profiling should be developed and used to regulate who may procreate. By simply pursuing a decrease in global population through this drastic measure, and through continuing with the efforts currently underway, our future can be secured. The irrational panic induced by my straightforward words must be overcome. Humanity simply has no other choice. There is no room for time-consuming debate and delay. The final plummet approaches with great haste.

The author's comments:
For the record, this piece was NOT inspired by substance abuse.

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