Technology Takes Over

January 28, 2010
By Blakely Smith BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Blakely Smith BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Lately, teenagers and other adults have become completely obsessed with technology. From cellphones to ipods and computer, technology is enshrouding our society.
Did you know that since the latest outburst of technological advances, a person’s overall time with there family was depleted by over 100%! Now are these technoilogical contraptions really helping society? In today’s generation technology has become a part of human’s life, but what do these electronic things do to people’s social skills? Technology destroys peoples social abilities in everyday life.

Technology does not let people deal with the real world. Bob Afonso writes, “Internet use has a negative influence on individuals and their social skills,” (1).Technology has a negative affect by isolating people from the real world.When a child goes home from school, what do they do? Get on the internet, check their facebooks, iChat and videochat. As they enthroll in the electronics before them, they could be with their family or friends, not by themselves.

Technology corrupts one’s social abilitly and hurts them emotionally. With so many mind boggling devices out there who knows what could be going on! Not too long ago, technology helped a woman destroy someone through the internet. Pretending to be someone else, the woman harassed the victim through facebook until she killed herself. Is that a good quality to gain socially? One where someone’s words may be so evil to cause a human death. Without this conversation through technology, chances are this never would have happened. In real life, the killer would have not been hidden through the internet, and it could have saved the victim’s life. Technology can also hurt oneself. People on the internet report, “keeping up with fewer friends…experiencing more daily stress and feeling more lonely and depressed” (Afonso 1). In this quote he tells how technology is reflected on it’s users. Internet users must use caution because it has come a very corrupt place.

Although there are many reasons to technologies harm to society and social skills, some argue that technology can bring out a person and give them confidence. Coget writes, “ the internet can foster openness, self- confidence, and a greater sense of ease and comfort dealing with others”(1). But now is this helping social skills? OIne’s self confidence and comfort with personal interaction should show someone’s social skills, and if only being able to do that is being hidden by the internet than what kind of social skills are those?

Others also say that technology is just an accessory to our already busy world, and it is not doing anything bad for us. One even said, “is willing to sacrifice some degree of social interaction to achieve this effect of technology,”(1). Hat does that show? How technology has become so important to some people that they would choose it over socializing. Is that helping society? No, with more people involved in their devices, social skills diminish between people.

In conclusion, the effect of technology in society is hurting one’s social skills. From emotiaonl problems to stress and obsession, technology proves to do evil to people. Social skills are rapidly depeleting as technology takes over. You should help by promotiong more social events with people and not influencing the evils of technology. Technology, overall, destroys people’s social abilities in every day life.

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