iraq war

January 28, 2010
By Anonymous

If the Iraqi's were almost doing all of the work I belive that they could be a stronger country. Then they wouldn't have any wars, for them and the war in iraq could be over. All our forces need to do is help out a little when it gets hard. We should be there because we are helping them keep in some what of an order.

The Iraq war started March 20, 2003 and has been going on since then until today, which is January of 2010.The leading reason that the USA went to war with Iraq was that we believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We feared that these weapons would fall into the hands of terrorists.

Then the United Nations (UN) demanded that Iraq stop their production of all chemical, biological and, nuclear weapons, and all long range missiles, and if they already had any, they were to be destroyed immediately. The UN then sent in investigation groups to seek out these weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. Congress stated that this war was only carried out to end the war on terror. Which I thought at first was a good but it has turned out pretty bad. But I think we have done a lot of what was needed.

I believe that we should be in Iraq, but not doing most of the fighting . What we should do is be there but just be used for hard situations that the Iraqi soldiers need help with, like small wars that go out of hand and things like that. And when they target some of the Taliban. To help keep in an order.

Iraqi police are patrolling and searching cars. They are slowly working with us and soon will be doing some of the work. They have gone into Fallujah, Iraq with us and are still fighting.

As you read you see why we should be there for help. Once we have ended almost all of this war we should bring the troops home. Only because then we would have the war almost done and the Iraqi forces could finish the job.

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