Global Warming- it is happening

January 27, 2010
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This is Happening

Polar bears, once so abounding, now are dying out. Major changes to the fragile environment are causing the death of species. There used to be major glaciers and mountains covered with snow Now there are very few glaciers. Mountains are almost bare, but there is a way help slow it down and stop it.

What's causing this? You probably already know. Global Warming. The temperature is rising, species are dying. Glaciers, mountains and the Polar ice Caps are melting. We have to act now or we could lose those things forever. First off you need to know all the consequences. This is affecting many species. Here's a list of some of the animals that are dying out.
Polar bears
Cold water fish
Arctic foxes
Monarch Butterflies (their life cycle depends on a very fragile climate)
There are many more animals being affected but the change is different such as population over growth. Witch is having to many animals of the same species in the same area.
Or finding the species in areas where they are not normally found or not being found in areas where they normally are, disrupting the ecosystem in areas. Mountains, glaciers and the Polar Ice Caps are being affected even worse. For one thing almost all the glaciers are shrinking and some are gone. Mountains with snow covered tops are melting and the water is rushing into the oceans and rivers they support. The Polar Ice Caps are melting into the sea as well. From all the melting oceans are rising faster than they have ever risen before. In later years this could cause flooding and people living along the coast lines would be in danger and would have to evacuate. With a loss of land and less area for people to live and agriculture famine's could happen in some areas.

By now you probably want to do something to stop this. I can tell you how. The main causing of global warming is carbon. Carbon is emitted by almost everything we do. Oil, gas, or coal being burned in our homes, cars, factories, cooking, anything that uses fossil fuel. What we can do to stop it are some minor changes in living for the better. Drive smart, carpool with others if you're going to the same area. Also only go out if you need to and take the short way to get there.
Another alternative is to buy a fuel efficient car (you don't have to just go out and buy one times are though but advise a friend to or if you're going to buy a car). We also need to stop using so much energy. Were energy pigs. If you're not in a a room turn off the lights. Get your windows sealed so you don't lose heat or money. Another way to slow the release of Co2 is to stop relying on it for so much like to go places, to eat, to heat our homes. Every single day people use their cars and that has a very negative effect. We need to switch cars over to a different fuel source. Something that is not going to cost lots of money and won't hurt the environment.

If we don't do something now we could change the face of earth forever. More water at first, hotter climate dead species and less vegetation. It could even wipe life out in time.

So do something to stop it?

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