Feeling Thrill

January 26, 2010
By soccerblondy1020 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
soccerblondy1020 BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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The wind blowing in my face and screams coming from all around. Were going up and down and all around. California Scream is pretty much the best ride ever! As i was standing in line i had butterflies in my stomach and my hands were sweating. I was shaking with fear. We were getting closer and closer to the front, I was getting tense. I get onto the ride with on of my best friends sitting right next to me. I sit down, pull down the safety bar, and slowly turn the corner to the starting position. The countdown starts now... 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF! There i go. thrill went all through my body. As were going down my arms fly right up. A scream comes out. The loop is the best part. I went on that before i knew it i was upside down. FLASH! the camera took a picture as i stroke a pose. I got off the ride, there was so much thrill inside of me, you cant imagine. Once the Ride was over, I was really disappointed by how fast it went by. i will never forget this ride, because it was my first roller coaster I went on. I will never forget my first roller coaster ride.

The author's comments:
The first time i rode a roller coaster and the thrill i felt about it.

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