January 22, 2010
This legislation, if made a law, will have a very negative effect on young and active teens. What about teens who work or play a sport? Or what about teens who need to help out some friends by picking up or dropping them off? Say a teen has a job to help his family’s financial situation and sometimes work late, it would now be impossible for this teen to work those extra hours for money for his family because it would be illegal for any night-time driving. Must I remind you that after daylight saving time in the fall, it begins to get dark out much earlier? That means less hours and less money for the teen who may even get replaced by someone who can work those hours meaning NO money. Also don’t forget about active, healthy teens who play a sport. Take a basketball or football player for example, sometimes their games are late and they aren’t don’t till much later in the evening, now how is this teen supposed to get home? But that’s ok they can just walk right? What if they live in a bad neighborhood? I don’t think that’s a good idea. There’s also teens that help their friends out by giving them a ride. With the S.T.A.N.D.U.P. Act, there is no longer a place for an environmentally friendly carpool because it would now be illegal to drive with more than one non-familial passenger under 18. The S.T.A.N.D.U.P. Act is too restricting of busy teens. So what, force the teens to sacrifice their jobs, hobbies, and friends all because some teen drivers abuse their privileges? How about we don’t crack down on the teens with their licenses, but rather the DMV’s that are distributing them. Make teens actually work for their license, don’t just hand them out. It’s up to the states to educate the teen drivers more, not restrict them.

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