Giver of Life

January 22, 2010
"The sky is falling!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!" I scream as I become heavy and, fat and, too massive to gently float in the sky along with my mother cloud.
"Wait, the sky can't fall," I say to myself in a calm thoughtful tone.
"Hmm, the ground must be flying up... OH CRAP, THE GROUND IS FLYING UP! THE GROUND IS GONNA HIT ME!"
I reach terminal velocity, actually, according to me at this point, the earth reaches terminal velocity and the green carpet below quickly gains more detail. I see trees everywhere with an occasional hole in the canopy where smaller vegetation sprang up to fill the gap. I feel the humid wind push me this way and that and all of the sudden, BAM! I splash onto a small leaf. A millisecond later I leave that leaf to land on the one directly below, again, and again, and again. Hundreds of feet I roll and fall roll and fall, all the time passing all sorts of life. Right after I narrowly miss a brightly colored Macaw searching for shelter, I see a soaking sloth to my left, inching his way along a branch. I descend another length to witness a Black-Capped Capuchin monkey bash its small prey into the side of a massive tree. I continue down until I splat onto a broad waxy leaf and then I know I'm close. I slide down the smooth green slide that the low plant provided and fell directly on top of a large black beetle. When I impact on his hard exoskeleton, I split up into many little beads and slip into to the earth with the rest of the cloud children to provide life for all the plants and animals I observed on my quick vertical tour. It made me proud to think that I will soon provide the ingredients for such a beautiful world that the rain forest is. As the dirt pulls me deep I hope to myself that I can do it all over again sometime.

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