Spring Weather Excitement This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   After what was probably the dullest winter in the history of the earth, we weather watchers are now hoping that the spring/summer severe weather season will storm into town and take out a few neighborhoods, or even counties. You're right, we've really lost it this time, but a wild weather lover gets crazier the longer s/he goes without wild weather. That's when the men in the white coats with the butterfly nets and straight-jackets (better known as the storm-chaser chasers) start to get excited with the thought of something to do.

Locally, here is what the weather watchers reported for March. New weather watcher Kenny Olney from Framing-ham has reported temps ranging from 25E - 30E at night, and daytime temps near 35E at the beginning of the month to 50E by the end. His warmest day was 73E on the 28th and the lowest was 22 E on the 11th. Kenny also had about 1.15 inches of rain and 4.5 inches of snow. He was surprised to wake up on the 30th, two days after his 73E reading, to find the ground white!

Another new weather watcher, Sean Hickey, now calls in from Belmont. He now calls every TV station, except Channel 5, and you may have heard his reports. He had a high of 79E on the 28th of March and two days later rain turned to snow, became heavy for four hours and totalled an inch.

Long-time weather watcher Justin McCullen in Chestnut Hill had temps averaging about 45E during the day, and the upper 20s at night. However, he's been very busy this month and hasn't had time to look out for the crumby little details that probably no one reads anyway.

In Lynnfield, daytime highs averaged 45E while overnight lows dipped to 28E, and the whole boring month averaged 37E. Our high was 75E on the 28th, and, you guessed it, it snowed two days later. The low was 20E on the 10th, and we had 3.6 inches of rain. Our snowfall total was 2.2 inches.

All the reports for snowfall were way under Boston's normal of 8 inches for March, and this entire winter was the second mildest ever, with only half the normal snowfall.

Meanwhile, in Joliet, Illi-nois, Jeremy Hylka is cleaning up after yet another tornado which hit on the 27th. "Dayown Sayouth" in Abbe-ville, Alabama, Matt Mobely is enjoying one severe weather outbreak after another. It seems that every other day he gets softball-sized hail, tornadoes, downpours, power outages, and pieces of the neighborhood flying by his bedroom window. Here in New England, we're look forward for all the good weather to come up from the South!!

Also, The 21st Century weather watchers would like reporters from all areas of Massachusetts. You can mail or phone in reports. You don't have to be really into weather; you could just have a desire for some excitement on a stormy day. If you're interested, write to Mike Colclough, 14 Hutchins Circle, Lynnfield, MA 01940 and be sure to include your name and address. I'll send you back the information about what others do, and you can decide if it's "for you." n

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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