Goodbye, Earth

January 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I live in a world that I dod not recognize.. Humans are everywhere, like a hardy infestation of cockroaches. We're in the skies, under the ground, and swarming the surface, entertaining our delusions of grandeur as generation after generation we pass on. When we want something, we have it. When we don't want something, we destroy it. So concerned with our own daily world, so contained in our habitats, we forget. We forget that there's something outside our contained lives, something that was here long before the first human was born and will be here long after the last human dies. We forget thet we're destroying our home, Earth.

The sky outside my window is orange tonight. There are no clouds, yet I can not catch a glimpse of a lone star. These days, the only way to see a true night sky is to find someplace largely uninhabited by humans, far from civilization. It is one of the great dissapointments in life, having to travel far from your home to simplyenjoy something that should be free to experience. But it is not just light pollustion I am concerned about. Our chemicals permeate the air and soil, our refuse cluttering the land. We live in a society where you put something in a bin, a truck takes it away and you never have to see it again. It's this type of thing that's making the Earth sick with an illness it will never recover from. Our wastes are destroying our home. There will be traces of our noxious lifestyle on Earth until the Sun expands (as all stars much) and consumes our planet. Our planet is dying and we have done too much to save it. No matter what any activist says, there is simply no way my (or any other singular) generation will fix this problem. We have been raised to contribute to this problem. The efforts of the "green" movement are in vain.

This is your future. Goodbye, Earth.

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