No time

December 24, 2009
There is no time left. Have you seen the movie Wall-e? That is what our earth is going to be a place with trash everywhere. There is no time left to wash and shove down the drain. We have to start now and we need everyone to help. I am sure you've heard this before but it is not a suggestion anymore it's a cry from God. Stop wasting water turn the tap off while brushing teeth, or hair. Stop using water for unneccesary reasons like water balloons. Throw a capri-sun balloon at 'em instead. Just kidding. Or was I? Anyway abck on topic. PICK UP YOUR TRASH. Avoid using wood for a fireplace, and avoid campfires. PICK UP YOUR TRASH. Do not feed wild animals no matter how cute they are. PICK UP YOUR TRASH. Ride the bus once in awhile or carpool instead of takin' your environment enemy truck out for a spin. PICK UP YOUR TRASH. Turn off all lights if you leave a lighted area. Recycle alluminum. For a alluminum can a computer can be powered for about a half an hour. PICK UP YOUR DIRTY TRASH AND OTHER'S TRASH: WHO DON'T PICK UP THEIR TRASH. Just because it's not your trash you still should pick it up. Reduce the amount of things you waste. Don't throw away...give it away. Reuse. If you have a shirt that is to small make it a pair of socks. If you have a cup don't put it in the dishwasher and get a new one reuse it. There is no time left. So stand by me and try to save the earth. All you have to do is follow the number one rule... PICK UP TRASH. If everyone in America picked up 99.9% of their trash America would last ten more years then the 2025 prediction of the end of America. This prediction is based on trash content, loss of oil, and water shortages. Scientists believe half the world is to be left without clean drinkable water in 2025.

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