The Environment

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

The environment is an important factor of everyday lives. It is having so many problems, which are cause by human activities. Human activities such as deforestation, pollution, and wasting of things are hurting the environment. We, as a nation, can change all of the problems. Human’s activities are what harm the environment.

Why should people have to harm our own environment? The answer to the question is undecidable. Deforestation is a big problem now days. More and more trees are being cut down to build new factories or stores. Also people pollute the air with so many chemicals. Through the years people started wasting more and more things, but we need to stop. If we got ourselves into this mess of polluting and wasting, we can get ourselves out of it. Let’s go green!

If we go green most of our problems will go away. By buying energy efficiency products, you will be saving money right away. You can also turn off the lights and water when you’re not using them. Another great way is changing your car to the new hybrid car, which are better for the environment. Green is the only answer to our problems.

Some people say, ‘‘Why save if not many people save,” but you will be surprised on how many people save or try to save. People who save have a better chance at living at a longer happier life. By saving not only do you do better to the environment, but also save money that you can spend on something else. A good reason why you should save is that it will make you feel good inside. No matter when or where it is always a good time to start saving.

Thought the years, people have harmed our environment more and more. Saving money is one many reason why people should save. People can save a lot of money by buying energy effict light bulbs. The environment is vital for our life, and we need it. So next time you drink a bottle of water, recycle the plastic bottle. GO GREEN!

The author's comments:
Everyone in my Language Arts/Reading class had to enter a contest,and my friend told us about teenink.Teenink had just so many good contest that I didn't know which one to pick,so I choose to write about the environment.

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ruffy_16 said...
on Jan. 18 2010 at 8:59 am
Im really impress about your work. I think it was really good


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