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Why Bother the Moon

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The moon, one of God’s greatest constructions from the beginning of the creation of the world along with the formation of the solar system and life is now being a target of innovation between finding water and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA. The moon is by far the most important component in the solar system for it is utilized as sunlight during night time and gives light to the stars above. There are three main reasons why, in my opinion, NASA should not have thought of touching the moon by destructing its formation and may later be a cause of unexpected occurrence from the galaxy thus affecting Earth. First, the moon is God’s creation hence it shall not be contacted via damaging rockets. Second, NASA is doing all these discoveries for the benefit of money and tourism. Lastly, why the moon? There are tons of resources out there that can be used to make money off.

As expressed above, the moon is one of God’s establishments since the beginning for the moon was created and placed in the galaxy for a particular reason. Why would God construct an object or dimension for no reason? Therefore, it was there by faith and there is no other motive for the moon to be handled with that type of treatment. People may think, “Oh its NASA, they know better because they’ve done historical records”, but contemplate first from the origin or creator of that significant natural satellite of Earth. God, our creator and savior, formed and place the moon in that specific shape and location because there is a major purpose behind it. In the other hand, NASA is perhaps thinking of a good excuse.

NASA has transformed our daily lives in terms of national weather forecasts, updates on our galaxies and solar system, but this time they are in for business. Personally, I am assuming and predicting that all these money being spent on spaceships flying to the moon and breaking several of its section to figure if there is water existing is just all for money. Money that will come from tourism, where all business people will gain interest including those tourists who are part of the community’s share in order for a country to survive regarding their economical system. Consequently, NASA may not be pondering about the history or maker of that moon instead they are thinking about themselves along with the flowing money which will eventually transpire in long years if any chances of succeeding in their mission. As a result of, this will lead into an uncontrolled expedition in discovering new scientific terrestrial findings.

Lastly, there are numerous resources existing in our planet today that can be utilized to attract businesses and tourism for the sake of making money. Why would someone bother and hurt the moon, motionless in the solar system, just for discovering if water does exist? In reality, business people should just stick on our planet Earth and perform research here for it will diminish the cost of money being spent and put on yearly just for flying and the probability of failing their desired mission. There is nothing wrong with trying and practicing when dealing with huge projects, yet it has to take millions of dollars every year just to fly in the solar system is too much from a person’s bi-weekly income. We must use our attained knowledge and share them as we communicate with our brilliant ideas relevant to the enhancement of our environment on Earth.

Once again, the moon is God’s creation hence it shall not be contacted via damaging rockets just to find water. In addition, NASA is doing all these discoveries for the benefit of money and tourism. Why bother the moon? There are tons of resources out there that can be used to make money off. Those are just some of the questions and facts I have as my point of view concerning the money spent on a yearly basis with some resulting into failure and are still taken into consideration of re-attempting them. Pause for a moment. Think about the catastrophe taking place in our world right now. Don’t you think there are reasons behind those disasters and increasing starvation? Don’t you think it’s just us not thinking before performing our actions as we cut down trees and causes landslides to occur and kill thousands of people? Don’t you think its mankind’s fault for all these tragedies happening that never transpired before?

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subhra said...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 10:56 am
It's great too!!
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