Good Day, Sunshine

September 26, 2009
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It quite literally fuels life on Earth. I can’t live without it, and neither can you. Even when it turns my skin a shocking shade of red, there is no denying the happiness it brings me. Solar radiation is the technical term for it, but what I am referring to is better known as sunlight. Without boring you with a scientific explanation of sunlight, I can still illuminate its importance.
I have a great admiration for sunlight – especially after days of dreariness. Sunlight matters all the more to people in cold climates, but people in warm climates enjoy the sun’s rays as well. Why else would Florida be called “The Sunshine State?” Obviously, Floridians appreciate their sunlight and have learned to endure the heat.
I can only begin to imagine the trails and tribulations people go through living anywhere less-sunny than beautiful Colorado. I am very thankful to be living in one of the sunniest states in our nation. Even though Colorado is full of sunshine, the dreary days are still plentiful. My experience living in Colorado has taught me to savor every bit of sunlight the sun has to offer.
Sure there were times when the sun presented obstacles for me. It obscured my vision, burned my skin, and administered heat I couldn’t bear, but these annoyances can be ignored when you take into account the benefits. That’s not to say that sun protection isn’t important, but the consequences of sunlight go well beyond its physical effects.
The benefits of sunlight are abundant, but instead of stating the obvious, I intend to pay tribute to the sun’s ability to affect our mood. Scientists can only speculate as to how this works, but theories suggest that it has to do with a chemical in the body related to mood.
A lack of sunlight can result in what is called “winter depression” or “winter blues.” This condition is recognized by psychologists as Seasonal Affective Disorder, and whether we have been diagnosed with it or not, we all know how melancholy a series of cloudy days can be.
I have personally experienced the benefits of sunlight and can testify for its affect on my mood. The minute the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, I am tossed head over heels because I have fallen in love with life. The sun fuels my happiness by providing me with light beyond comparison.
There is no replacement for the light from the sun. The brightest fluorescent bulb, the strongest sunlamp, and the most trustworthy tanning bed only wish they could achieve the sun’s glory.
Don’t even get me started on sunsets. A sunset is as marvelous as anything on anyone’s list of places to see before they die. If you have yet to make such a list, do not fret. You will never regret a living a life filled with sunsets. Even though I have dreams to travel the world, I am aware that there are other, more reasonably-priced alternatives.
Each time the sun falls below the horizon, I’ll count the minutes to its next appearance. While people may witness a multitude of sunsets throughout their life, they probably haven’t had the opportunity to witness half as many sunrises, unless they regularly wake up before dawn. Let’s not forget how beautiful a sunrise is, even if we’ve seen just one in our life. The next time I see a sunrise, it will feel like the first. However, I am determined not to make it my last.
My fondness for the sun is almost unconditional. The only thing I require is that it shines. Fortunately for me, the sun is reliable. If the sun decides to timidly hide behind the clouds for day, I know it will eventually regain courage and penetrate the gloom with sunlight.

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