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September 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Weather Observers have a tough and action packed job. In this job they have to measure wind speeds, humidity, temperatures, and precipitation. They also have to record different types of clouds and enjoy studying what vast variety of weather the Earth has. To make a living, a weather observer has to watch weather patterns and give these observations to a station so they may be broadcasted and people are aware of the weather in all places. An example of a perfect location to do all of this is Mount Washington, the highest point in New England, because it gets different weather patterns from 3 different storm tracks. They have to responsibility of informing the public about mountain weather and how delicate the nature of the mountain environment is. Weather Observers also have the occasional privilege of seeing breath taking sunrises or sunsets.
I would chose to do this job in the future because I’m always up for a challenge and some adventure. I also have a particular interest in science and natural disasters. While tracking weather, it is possible that I might witness a tornado, blizzard, earthquake, or hurricane. To observe weather, they have to go into extreme conditions sometimes. They also have to communicate well to do a good job. This job sounds amazing and fun to me, so I would enjoy this most and earn my living this way if I were to choose and Earth Science Job.

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Chapter 20.5

The author's comments:
I had to write this essay for my science class, but I had fun writing it. It wasn't too bad since I want to go into a science job when I'm older anyways.

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