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April 24, 2009
By Anonymous

My topic is about our education and going green. Obviously we are not going green because we waste too much recyclable paper, food trays and milk cartons. Our school should be more fun so kids would want to come to school and get an education. If school was more fun we wouldn’t have to feel all bored in math class and sleeping in there or in any other classes.

Have you ever seen those big black garbage bags in front of the school the janitors carry out and throw away? You can usually see them do it in the morning. Do you know what is inside those bags? There are reachable food trays and milk cartons in them. Did you know each year a child wastes 65 pounds of food a year? Just imagine how many children there is in a school and each one of them is wasting 65 pounds of food. We are called ourselves the green magnet school for a reason. We wear the uniform and represent it. But we sound like hypocrites if we say to recycle and we don’t even do it ourselves . We are called the green magnet school for a reason because we use laptops instead of paper. We should start to recycle trays and milk cartons.

Do you have a class where it is so boring and you feel like sleeping. Well I know I have a class like that. Math yeah. I fall asleep in there because he isn’t doing anything exciting and he keeps doing the same thing all the time.
Well you see if our classes were more exciting kids would want to come to school and kids wont have to cut . If we had a little more excitement we would not have to be bored in our classes. We should at least be able to go on our laptop on every class. Some teachers don’t like laptops because its too hard to work with, but if we did use our laptop in every class we wouldn’t have to waste paper and we would be going green. They should at least put a little more excitement in our classes and make education more fun.

I have interviewed Justin T. He says that we do recycle enough because we use laptops and were saving paper. I said no because laptops are the only thing we use to go green we should at least recycle paper trays and cartons.

3 recommendations I would give to the school is that we shouldn’t throw away trays and milk cartons but recycle them. That way we can go green.

We should do the same with paper. we should recycle that a lot more because I know some teachers that throw away good clean paper for no reason. We should at least put more enviormental programs in the school so we can actually be called the green magnet school. We should us less paper and more laptops because we barely use it.

Another recommendation I would give to the school is make school more fun. That way kids wont have to cut from school. Tell you the truth I used to cut school because we barley did anything. Bring in the generation bring excitement in to school. I want to feel that rush like the first day of school every year . We add games into work and fun activities into our work when we can not use the laptops. That way we can encourage kids to come to school.

Sincerely one of your students

Shohan D.

The author's comments:
i wrote this because this is what i feel about my school :]

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