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April 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever been in the out doors? I like to be in the outdoors all the time. Just all of the birds chirping, not hearing cars, and not seeing traffic lights when you are sleeping. I love to go fishing. When you are out fishing you are out in the middle of no wear and you are listening to the roar of the water in a riffle down bellow you. It’s nothing but nature that where I like to be.

When you are in the woods enoughy7ou can start to notice how the animals act and help others, such as the blue jay. The blue jay is like natures fire alarm. When it sees some thing that is not right like a hunter walking or a predator to the bird like for example a fox. It will start to squawk continuously like a baby that won’t stop crying. The bird will make sure everyone around knows that something is not right.

I Enjoy going on hikes to. It really lets you see lots of nature. Also when you are hiking you hike till you can not see any thing because it is so dark outside to walk. Then you set up camp using a flash light so you can see. After you are done setting up camp you cook your meal for dinner. Meals on the trail are usually not like meals in the warmth and comfort of your home. Meals on the trail are usual freeze dried and the some time taste terrible. When you are done eating you back up your gear and climb in to you warm sleeping bag to sleep for the night.

Early in the morning you wake up and you go down to the creek to get some water for the day. You use a water pump that cleans the water so that it is drink able. Then you go back up to your camp site and you start to cook you breakfast. When you cook on the trail you usually use a back pack stove that is very light because when you are hiking you want to back very light. After you get done eating you back up and then you are back on the trail hiking. When you hike you usual walk a couple mile in to your camp site then you walk 7 to 10 mile out of the woods the next day.

When you are out fishing you standing in the cool creek water that is running in between you leg. You cast your line out. As it hits the water you watch your bait sink deeper and deeper in to the water. Then you start to reel you line in slowly so that your bait is just bouncing along the bottom.

You hook a big fish as your body tenses and you start to think “what should I dot next”? You start to reeling in your line your eyes are watching the fish zip back and forth threw the water. Then with a quick thrust he jumps up out of the water. As he hits the water you felt a strong tug and he is gone!

The feeling you get when you were just about to catch the biggest fish of your life just about to have him in your hands. The fish then gives on last tug on the line and you line snaps. Your heart immediately drops into you feet. You start to think “what did I do wrong”? This is what I love about the out doors.

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tbmace said...
on Aug. 22 2009 at 5:03 pm
I'm glad you like the outdoors. Taking care of mother nature is a big responsibility for all of us. Being able to appreciate nature and expressing it to others as you have done will hopefully get others interested in the peace and tranquility you have experienced. Good job!

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