Renewable Solar Electric Power

April 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Why should you use renewable solar electric power? Well, I have many reasons why you should, but first I want to summarize to you what renewable solar electric power is. Renewable solar electric power is when we use the sun’s energy, instead of using Earth’s resources, to make electricity. For many generations, we humans have been using nonrenewable energy sources, including nonrenewable electricity, and wasting our natural resources. I want to persuade to you, and to everyone else, that we should use renewable solar electric power. This way, we can make earth a healthier place for everyone to live in. In the next few paragraphs of my essay, I will explain to you why you should use renewable solar electric power.
We make electricity by using fossil fuels and coal. Fossil fuels are found within the earth, and we have a very limited amount of it. If we keep using as much fossils fuels as we are right now, we won’t have any more because it’ll become expensive to buy and it will damage our environment. We also have a limited amount of coal, which takes even longer to produce than fossil fuels. We should use renewable solar electric power because we can reuse it, and the sun can provide us with electricity everyday. The sun will keep on shining for thousand of years, while our supply of fossils fuels and coal will eventually disappear. By simply switching to renewable solar electricity, we can save a lot of our precious resources on Earth.

Another reason why you should use renewable solar electricity is because the production of non-renewable electricity can cause hazardous pollution to our environment. The pollution varies from acid rain to urban smog. Also, heat-trapping emissions, made from generating electricity, can cause damage by contributing to air pollution and global warming. We can lower the risk of all of this by switching to renewable solar electricity. It’s as simple as that, and you can save many lives by doing this.

One of the greatest reasons why you should use renewable solar power electricity is because it requires little maintenance, and it is automatic. There are also very little moving parts in generating solar energy, and it has a long lifetime. Another benefit of using renewable solar electricity is that the operating cost of renewable solar electricity is low, and the quality of the energy is excellent. So, not only is renewable solar electricity convenient, it’s also very affordable.

As I’ve said over and over, using renewable solar electricity power can do wonders for us and for the earth. I think we all should start using renewable solar electricity. If everyday, one or two people switch to this method of obtaining electricity, then overall, we could eventually save billions of dollars worth of fossil fuels. We could also save many lives by causing less pollution in the air and in our water supplies. Pretty soon we could be making a real difference in our environment, not to include our planet. You want earth to be a healthier place for everyone, right? Then all you have to do is take that simple step, and switch to renewable solar electric power! Little by little, we can all work together to save our planet and conserve our energy!

The author's comments:
The enviromental diasters like pollution and dieases inspired me to write this.My future generations like family, my kids, grandkids also inspired because i really want this world to be a cleaner better place to live in for everyone.

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