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April 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Our planet is in danger. It is because the Earth has suddenly decided to give up or naturally change over the last few decades. It has been the humans on the Earth that is causing the damage. Humans need a source of energy to survive. Geniuses have found the burning oil and coil makes energy that can power electronics. Learning this information caused a major uplift in electronics all around the world. When these fuels were burned they produced harmful gases. What was unforeseen was that burning these natural fuels causes major harm on the ozone layer. The ozone is a special mixture of gases that reflect sunlight and radiation and allow heat to get onto the Earth’s surface. The gases caused by the burning of those fuels mixed with the ozone layers and began eating away at it until it is now far thinner. The thinning of the ozone causes more cancerous rays of radiation to enter earth. These rays are extremely harmful to humans and animals. It has also caused a rise in temperature that is melting the polar ice caps causing oceans to overflow onto land and destroy cities. If we do not stop the animals on Earth will die and eventually Earth itself will become and unlivable plant.

There may be no way to repair these deadly products of our pollution but there is a way to improve it. We have to find a better alternative fuel to use for energy. Wind power, solar power and water power are excellent fuels that humans are able to use. The reason people are not using these fuels are because it is expensive to install solar panels and wind power is expensive to purchase. If people would just make the investment to build solar panels they would actually make money in the long run.

The author's comments:
We need to do something about pollution. Not next year, not tomorrow but now.

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