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June 24, 2009
By morgomo11 BRONZE, Beaumont, Texas
morgomo11 BRONZE, Beaumont, Texas
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Gasoline prices leaving a hole in your pocket? Trying to save the Earth? Even if we don't realize how much money we spend at the pump or what leaving lights on in the house does to our Earth, researchers and scientists do. They have been disputing on this topic for years on end. With the youth of our nation and the rest of the globe, our world can and will pull through this energy crisis. Let's put a stop to the annihilation of our planet.

Energy does things for us. It helps us reach our destinations on the roads and helps boats get that extra push on the river. It aides in our cooking and keeps our freezers cold. Energy lets us watch our favorite T.V. show at night and lights our homes. It allows our minds to process and our bodies to grow. Scientist have learned how to change energy from one form to another so that we can work more efficiently and live more comfortably.

We use many different types of energy such as: oil, coal and natural gas. These are all considered fossil fuels and support our everyday lives.

Oil is the most eye-catching topic in the news today among all fossil fuels because, of its ability to disrupt our economy. It effects all prices of goods and services around the globe. Coal is the most depleted form of a fossil fuel that we use. Although it is the most cost effective to mine and burn, it is also very harmful to the atmosphere. Natural gas is used to heat homes and make electricity. It is the safest and cleanest form of fossil fuels.

We can replace these forms of energy with alternative resources such as bioenergy. This type of energy can be used for heat, electricity, or vehicle fuel. Biofuel is extracted from plant materials. One such biofuel is corn-based ethanol which is used for gasoline substitutes and additives . This product is rapidly growing here in the U.S. Bioenergy resources include crops, weeds, sugarcane, sorghum, and maize. All of which contribute to generating energy. Bioenergy is made from extracting oil from plants and processing it as fuels for cars or cooking oils.

There are other ways in which we can produce alternate forms of energy for electricity. Wind power has been used for grinding grains or pumping water, even sailing ships. Although, wind power is very useful, its also non – dispatchable, meaning that all of the output has to be taken when it is available. Another source is solar energy or sunlight, this can be used by stand – alone applications. Stand – alone applications involves a solar panel or panels directly connected to the appliance seeking energy. Also, geothermal heat energy can be used. Geothermal meaning it is extracted from the interior of the Earth. This type of energy comes to the surface in a variety of ways, such as, magma in volcanoes, naturally heated streams and rivers underneath the surface or the flow of water injected and retrieved by human effort. This heated water can be pumped into buildings to heat them during the winter. When the water cools down beneath the Earth it can be used to cool our buildings in the summer.

Lets make sure we have enough energy for the future. Start conserving, finding alternatives, and help the planet along the way. We will continue to use fossil fuels until new ,cleaner technologies are invented. Until then, its up to us to reduce our use of harmful energy. The future is ours but, we need energy to get there.

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on Aug. 4 2009 at 4:17 am
This is great morgan!! I luvv it:)

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on Aug. 4 2009 at 1:40 am
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