January 28, 2009
By Anonymous

Earth a marvelous blue planet
Is painted from the lord's palette
Blessed with bountiful resources
To aid all living forces;

Fresh air to breathe
Filled with sweet smells from wreaths
Neutral nitrogen
Takes the largest portion
The most resourceful oxygen
Suffices life?s requirements
A tinge of carbon dioxide
Fills the empty side
The other noble gases
Take the empty spaces
There went the composition of air
Under the living beings care.

Time went on its course
Leaving the air coarse
With oxygen bearing the brunt
Of man's evil front
Carbon compounds spearheading man?s game
Slowly diminishing oxygen's flame;

Earths children continue to perish
As green house gases flourish
Let all of us be warned
Of nature being harmed
Mend our wicked ways
Before we have to pay
Restore air?s composition back
Before it turns black.

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