globle warming

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Pollution is killing our world and we need to put a stop to it right now. And to solve this we need to recycle and we need to not throw cigarettes out the windows of our cars and to not throw trash outside. We also need to not keep the electricity on all the time so when you are done with something turn it off and the polar bears need our help really badly and we need to not use our cars as much like riding our bikes and walking to places near by and if you care about the polar bears or globe warming than I suggest you help out and it would be alot of help if you do and don't be afraid to talk other people into helping our world go green!!!

The author's comments:
Selena Gomez inspired me into writing this artical because i heard that she is trying to stop globel warming to so please please help use put a end to this.

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