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June 13, 2009
By wesley108 BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
wesley108 BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Does grey-water affect the growth of plants? Grey-water is water that has been used before; in this experiment grey-water was collected from a washing machine. The predicted results of this experiment is if two sets of plants are observed for a one month time period, and one set is watered with grey-water and the other set watered with regular tap-water; the set watered with grey-water would grow slower than the set watered with regular tap-water, because of some of the harsh chemical found in soap. The purpose of this experiment is to see if grey-water is a good substation to water plants. What prompted this experiment is hearing people and companies talking about “going green”, so what better way was there than saving water. What is hoped to be achieved in this experiment is water conservation by identifying a good substitute for regular water and another way to “go green”
At the end of the experiment the set of plants watered with tap-water average growth was higher than the set of plants watered with grey-water.
The results of this project are different than the results of other uses of grey-water. Many companies that own golf courses use grey-water and their results are dark green grass. What is believed is they use a different source of grey-water other than washing machine and anything from bathroom. Car washes, like Boomerang®, also use grey-water; they use a source very close to a washing machine, but instead of washing clothes they wash cars, and still the majority of the cars that go thru come out very clean. What is believed that car washes have a filtering system that takes out harsh chemicals that is found in soap.
The results might have been changed due to uncontrolled events during experimentation. During the first two weeks of experimentation the weather was sometimes too bad to let the plants stay out side, instead I controlled environment was created inside. During the third week both sets of plants experienced more sun light in the entire experiment.
If this experiment was to be continued or repeated different procedures and different materials would be used. The weather would be checked four weeks ahead to insure that uncontrolled variables would be less likely. Also different plants would be used to determine if the type of plant changes the experiment. A different source of grey-water would also be used.

The author's comments:
Use grey-water to water your plants and help the environment!

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